Terms and conditions


To private consumers the Act on Distance Contracts (sv. Lagen om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler, please also refer to our right of withdrawal policy below) and the Consumer Purchase Act (sv. Konsumentköplagen) applies. These have strict regulations. It is also possible to agree on better terms for the consumer, than what is written in the Consumer Purchase Act. For business customers, including those registered as sole proprietorships (sv. enskilda näringsidkare) the Purchase Act (sv. Köplagen) applies. The Purchase Act is a dispositive law, which means the agreement between the trader and the business consumer apply, even if this agreement conflicts with the Purchase Act.

If any term or any condition would be deemed invalid due to Swedish or EU law, these terms and conditions shall not in whole become nullified, and only the invalid term or condition  shall instead be substituted by the equivalent superordinate law.

Order Policy

To accept these terms and conditions you must be 18 years old or older.

If you are under the age of 18 years, you must obtain and provide permission from your legal guardian. Such a permission can be given through an email, sent by that legal guardian to us, containing their express permission. Any false orders will be investigated and reported to the police. If we have suffered financial loss arising from any such false orders, we will seek damages.

Payment and Delivery Policy

Payment through our web shop can be made with either debit/credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard, via Swish or through Klarna faktura. 

Payment with Visa or Mastercard will be processed via Klarna, Nets or Mondido Payments, which are safe payment solutions.

Any card payments in ELSA for our digital learning material are processed through Stripe, which meets the strictest security requirements for payment. More information can be found https://stripe.com/docs/securi....

All credit/debit card payment information is stored in accordance with the regulations stipulated in PCI DSS, Level 1. Card information is always transmitted encrypted through SSL/TLS. KSAK Service AB will never access or be party to your card information used in connection with your purchase.

When you proceed to checkout you will be presented with the available payment options pertaining to your order. You will also be presented with information informing you whether pricing and costs include VAT and (if so) how much VAT is due for the products contained in your cart. Depending on your chosen delivery method, the shipping cost will be presented. Delivery is normally completed within three working days, unless another period is stated in your order.

Normally no additional costs will incur, but if any are nevertheless added they will be presented to you during the checkout and payment process.

In our web shop some products may be marked with an out-of-stock indication. We reserve the right to cancel any non-deliverable products from your order with a price reduction equal to that product. If you wish to order another equivalent product, this is to be regarded as a new order. If you wish to cancel the order of a product due to delays in delivery, this is possible until such time that the products has been effectuated, which has occurred when an invoice or a freight document/waybill have been created. Partial deliveries are only processed on your request and will incur additional shipping cost for you as buyer.

When you process your order through our checkout procedure, your available delivery options will be presented. It is your responsibility to ensure that the address, provided at the time of purchase, is correct. Delivery is only available and processed for domestic deliveries within Sweden, unless otherwise stated.

All prices are shown in Swedish kronor (SEK), including VAT.

Any purchase of the app “Svenska Flygfält” through our website appar.pilotshop.se will enable use of the app as soon as payment have been processed.

Our digital educational content and courses

We provide the related site/service, all its courses and their related pages to be used by our customers, suppliers, students, and other users after acceptance of these terms and conditions. The content that includes streaming, reading and watching any courses that are currently available is all accessible through the service. By activating your account you also accept and are bound by these conditions.

Any material that are provided within the service is owned by KSAK Service AB, or any of our suppliers or subcontractors. All material is protected by copyright. Non-authorized use of the material could infringe on our rights and will be reported.

The courses that are bought via the service gives you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to access the course for 365 days, unless any other period is stated. Your payment does not constitute transfer of ownership or any other rights related to the content from us to you or anybody else.

Your account is personal and may not be shared with others. You commit to not copy, either completely or in part, any material from courses or any other content provided within the service. You may not modify, reproduce, share or distribute the course material. You must maintain any such material confidential and may not sell, lend, give or in any other way disclose the material and its contents to anyone else. Non-compliance with these terms and conditions will mean you will immediately lose access to the site/service and you may be guilty of copyright infringement. You are responsible for ensuring any such material are not spread to others. You are also responsible for any damage that may result from you having enabled access to the service via your personal account to anyone else than you.

You may not transfer your rights or your obligations, as stipulated in these terms and conditions, neither in part nor in full, to anyone else.

We provide access to the site/service in present condition. You are made aware that the content and the course material provided in the service, including the functions contained in these systems, can change without advance notice. Courses and the course catalog will and can be updated and changed on an ongoing basis.

Uncollected deliveries/parcels

It is your responsibility to collect the parcel/delivery within the timeframe stipulated on the delivery notification, which can be communicated to you via post, email, SMS or through a telephone call.

If you cannot accept the parcel/delivery, or if you cannot collect it at the delivery point within the time stipulated on the delivery notification, the parcel will be returned to us, and we may then collect from you an equitable amount to cover our shipping and administrative costs (currently 250 SEK). If this cost is not paid, the claim will be handed to the Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden).

Changes to orders

You can make changes to your order of in-stock items until the time when your order have been effectuated. If the change is approved any eventual difference in cost will be regulated according to the price listed at the time of change.

Cancelling orders

A cancellation of your order is not valid until you have received confirmation of the cancellation from us. You can cancel your order without any cost until the time when your order have been effectuated. After this time, you, who have ordered to your registered company, are obliged to accept and collect the delivery. Registered companies/business customers that cancel a custom-made product must pay compensation for our associated costs up until the time of cancellation as well as for lost revenue.

Right of withdrawal

As a private customer/physical person you are, according to the Distance Contract Act, entitled to regret and return/right of withdrawal (ångerrätt) within 14 days. However, you are not entitled to this freedom if the total price due is less than 400 SEK. In addition, you are not entitled to this freedom if you have purchased a product that have been produced according to your specification or if it otherwise has clear personal attributes. Please note that according to law you must pay for the return shipping and that according to law you may be responsible to pay for the loss of value of the product, if such loss of value is the result of your handling of the product that exceeds the time necessary to ascertain the characteristics and functionality of the product.

The regret and return time period is calculated from the day you receive the product. If you have ordered or received several products, or if the product you have ordered contains several parts, then the regret and return time period is calculated from the time at which you received the final product or the final part of the product. If you decide to regret and return your product the product must be returned unused, undamaged and in an unbroken packaging/with technical seals in place.

Any products that are delivered digitally are not eligible for the regret and return rights.

If you want to make use of your regret and return rights you must follow the instructions on our website under “Returns & replacements” (sv. “Reklamation & retur”). You will without undue delay receive a confirmation that we have received your message, whereafter we will determine if you have the right to claim the right and return. You will thereafter receive an answer from us via email, and in relevant cases this email will contain information on the procedure to follow in order to return the product to us.

After we have received the returned product, the purchase sum will be returned to you within 14 days, calculated from the day we received your notice to us, invoking your right of regret and return.

If you have ordered a service, the regret and return policy will be provided 14 days after the day when we confirmed your order. If you have agreed to commencement of a service and if this service has been concluded, you cannot use the right of regret and return if you have previously waivered your rights for regret and return. Neither can you make use of the right of regret and return if the service has commenced with your permission within the regret and return period, and the service due to the nature of the service cannot be returned, or if the seal has been broken, or if you have registered the license of these service.

The Swedish Consumer Agency website regret and return form: https://publikationer.konsumen...

Complaints and buy-backs in certain cases

If you, as a private customer/physical person, have received a damaged product, or if we have provided the incorrect product, you must request us to reclaim the product as soon as possible and no later than two months from the time when you found the error (or should have found the error). The time period for when reclaims are possible are at most three years and depend on the nature of the product and any eventual product guarantees.

If you have bought the product as a registered company/as a business consumer and have received a damaged product, or if we have provided the incorrect product, you must fil a complaint and request for us to reclaim the product as soon as possible.

For both private customers and business consumers, the damaged or the incorrectly delivered product must be returned in an equivalent packaging and with the same carrier as during delivery of the same product, together with a thorough explanation describing the error or damage.

In any case you should file the reclaim via our website by following the instructions under “Returns & replacements” (sv. “Reklamation & retur”).

If we are unable to deliver a new product within a reasonable time, we will repay the return shipping costs as well as the price you have paid for the damaged or incorrectly shipped product.

Compatibility issues are common between different products and we recommend that you ascertain as many facts as possible before you make your order, to avoid unnecessary costs.

Printing errors etc.

We reserve the right to make printing errors, as well as our right to inadvertently provide incorrect information and specifications with regards to our products and services.

Force Majeure

Both parties should be released from fulfillment of this agreement if the fulfillment is prevented or significantly hampered by a circumstance that neither part could reasonably control or predict. The following and similar circumstances should be considered grounds for exemptions if they prevent or hamper the fulfillment of the agreement: Fire, armed conflict, mobilization, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, general product shortages, transportation fuel shortages, general strike, lockout, electrical power failure, restrictions upon market forces and errors or delays due to issues with subcontractors and sub-suppliers, in which such issues have their origination in circumstances that are included in this paragraph, or other circumstances that this part cannot control, that either prevent or hampers the capability of this part to fulfill their commitments to such a degree, that it cannot be completed other than by incurring an unusually high cost.


Disputes shall be settled in general court according to Swedish law.

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