Swedish Airfields, Svenska Flygfält

The easiest way to buy the app Svenska Flygfält & TMA-kartan is via this link: appar.pilotshop.se

There you can create a personal account, sign up for the subscription and then extend the subscription on your own. You will then have access to the app directly. Download it on the App Store or Google Play and start planning in minutes! You can choose to only buy the app or if you also want the binder and get printed updates during the year.

It is also possible to buy the subscription here in the webshop, but then you have to wait for our manual administration before you can use the app, so we recommend that you go to the link above.

Swedish Airfields is the perfect tool for VFR flight in Sweden. You get detailed information about almost all airports in Sweden, large airports as well as smaller grass fields from Kiruna in North to Vellinge in South. 

You get answers to questions like:
Is there 100LL in Ramsele?
Can you bounce on route 32 in Höganäs?
Where to call to find out if it is plowed on Gargnäs?
How long is the track and is it asphalt in Strömstad?

You also get practical information about accommodations, where to eat, sightseeing, communicatons and so on around each airport.

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